About 55:11


It is our mission to distill His WORD to infuse Our WORLD by producing One WORK at a time. Our company is committed to leveraging our influence as a platform that brings forth biblical education through testimonials of faith, overcoming adversity, and navigating spirituality. It is essential that we forge a literary path that embeds our culture with inspiration, revelation, and motivation towards mental, emotional, and spiritual maturation. It is our primary responsibility to produce and promote a fresh perspective with fruitful progression. The company knits its culture together based on the biblical truth found in Isaiah 55:11:

"So is My word that goes out from My mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."

55:11 Publishing is devoted to nonnegotiable excellence in the publishing and social media industries, and through its literary and creative works, will be a vessel that creates accountability by actions and integrity by initiatives. We will not compromise the truth.

It Shall Not Return to Him Void!


Our company possesses a Christ-centered paradigm that purposes to point to Him in all we promote, produce, or print.

“Publishing with Purpose.”

With our foundation of faith and community, the 55:11 Family is focused on using this platform to cultivate the kingdom mindset through our many channels of influence. By our innovation and vision, each service rendered will be the necessary vehicle that drives faith forward in the present and propels hope upward for the future.


55:11 's Core Values are based on the Proverbial 7 Pillars of Wisdom—“Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1). Our Publishing Network constructs and instructs its work ethic on these nourishing and edifying values:

Pillar I: Humility
--Service rendered with simplicity of thought, sensitivity of heart, and sincerity in service. Our spiritual authority is expressed in our humility.

Pillar II: Integrity
-Exposure unimpaired. With wholesomeness and wholeness as our structural DNA, integrity is priority. Our label is rightly clothed in the Word of truth, no matter the popular opinion of the world.

Pillar III: Honesty
-Content filtered to assure transparency and uncompromising clarity. We propagate from the inside out—character—where values and vision manifest best.

Pillar IV: Accountability
-Company takes responsibility for their publications and sets the standard with their quality of marketing. We shoulder our convictions.

Pillar V: Heavenly
-55:11 Family is devoted to an eternal perspective. We will not conform our work to the patterns of this world. We recognize that our godly passion within will determine our sphere of influence without.

Pillar VI: Authenticity
-Publishing House realizes that the realest you is the clearest you. It is our desire to highlight God’s glory through human frailty. We project your true identity as an extension of your authentic God-given personality.

Pillar VII: Hospitality
-Network receives and treats all peoples and partners with a balanced labor of love. We do not discriminate, but we will not, by any means, compromise our mission and vision.

The core of our company is the conviction of the core--the heart; And by this value, we know that God's measuring tape wraps around the heart and pulse of our company. We are manufacturers of incisive messaging and writing; and we believe it is our highest calling to cut straight to the truth in our publications and promotions.