How God Moved My Ashtray

Author: John Paladino

Up until his mid-40’s, John, “Little John” Paladino’s life was spent stealing, robbing, cheating and pursuing illegal activity. A notorious and feared enforcer for the mafia, John prided himself on inflicting others with terror and ensuring devastation. 

Having been in and out of prison and other correctional facilities most of his life, his peace was void and pain plagued and pierced everything and everyone around him.

In between prison bids, John was also involved in several near-fatal accidents, including one which killed his own friend. There was no explanation to John’s continued survival other than the beginning of his recognition, that God just wasn’t done with him yet. 

It was on Memorial Day 2011, that his life changed radically after a foolish challenge to God, just the night before.

This is the story of how God moved John Paladino’s “ashtray,” a feat no man could do for himself, and the subsequent steps John took to walk out a new life, redeemed, as a new man.