Author: Matthew Maher

Is it possible to experience peace in the midst of utter chaos or see light in a dark and dismal place?  Can someone be physically incarcerated and yet spiritually liberated? 

Within Book #1 of the Core Conviction Series, the author admits that if his eternal contemplations were uttered aloud, some may consider him mad because his thoughts defy all natural reason.

Written during his 55-month stay in State Prison in the midst of utter chaos and confusion, Maher calls these core convictions “a view apart”—a view far from the norm. However, by bookend the reader will discern that liberty is the experience of the one who sees with the eyes of Christ, but imprisonment is the reality for the one without Christ. 

Having a View Apart is knowing that being content makes a confined man free, and discontentment makes a free man confined!

Maher states, “These contemplations spring forth from the reality of my time spent as a prisoner of the state—and they explain the peace that is possible when you surrender your circumstances to the One who holds the true keys to freedom.”

So wherever you are when you read these thoughts—whether confined yet free or free yet confined—this book will certainly challenge your view. 

40 Contemplations with one View Apart

$9.99 (paperback) & $3.99 (ebook)