Author: Matthew Maher

the bible revival begins inside of you.

How would you respond if you knew that people were reading you? Would you have a desire to inspire and influence, or would this knowledge make no difference? The answer to these questions will not make you or break you, but they will reveal you; Your character. Your conduct. Your conversation. Since we are hardwired to “read”—whether observing, scrutinizing, or analyzing—you can automatically assume your “cover and content” are being read. With that being said, R U LEGIBLE?

In U MAY B THE ONLY BIBLE SOMEBODY READS, Maher explicitly communicates the clearest doctrine every person publishes is his own example. Using personal legible and illegible experiences from his own life, as well as innovative and practical insights, Maher stimulates the reader to interactively read knowing they too will be read outside the pages. With the 11 unique laws of biblical influence introduced in this book, learn how to discern and leverage influence to the watchful “I’s” around you.

An individual may have no clue what is printed between Genesis and Revelation, but the truth is—the genesis of your conviction dictates the revelation (unveiling) of your gospel. The message you’re putting out.

Therefore, if you claim to be a believer, would anyone want to be a follower of Jesus Christ based on the way you live your life?

“Example prospers or plunders based on conduct,” says Maher, “And your depth of character will determine your length of influence. Apply the truths in this book and you’ll be a legible presentation of Christ. Violate the truths in this book and you'll be
illegible--a contradiction of Christ. The choice is yours. Let the Bible revival begin inside of you.”

$14.99 (Paperback) & $3.99 (Kindle ebook)