Author: Matthew Maher

Do you believe pain can fuel passion and conviction? Or can closed doors be the key to open hard hearts? Is it possible that your emotional paralysis can give rise to your greatest spiritual freedom and purpose?

In Book #2 of the Core Conviction Series, Matthew Maher offers an unexpected Voice Apart as the mission of his heart. Unchained, a compilation of columns written while confined in prison and continued upon release for a weekly newspaper, proves that nothing in this world can silence a voice sent back from the grave of failure to speak life.  

Maher writes, “At the time a majority of the words in this book were penned, I had spent many years going no further than 100 yards in a prison yard; yet my voice had somehow managed to reach around the world. You see, while I was chained by my consequences,

I was unchained in conscience and liberated through the Word of God.”

For “the word of God is not chained” (II Timothy 2:9).

Using the train wreck of failure set to the tracks of faith in an unlikely place, these writings will captivate your heart to know that when you heed the voice of God, you reap a life set apart. And a life set apart is never confined to circumstances, but by the grace of God is refined through circumstances. 

Also available by Matthew Maher: U MAY B THE ONLY BIBLE SOMEBODY READS: R U LEGIBLE? And Book #1 of the Core Conviction Series, Imprisoned by Peace: a View Apart.

$9.99 (paperback) & $3.99 (ebook)